Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Your Eyes...So Tender

Wow, Asia trip is happening in less than 8 hours. A little rattled, don't know what to expect. What gifts to bring mind is clustered with thoughts and can't be at ease.

This trip is going to be awesome. I won't have internet for three weeks, hopefully...See if I can stand the fast. I also won't be able to talk to some people, I will terribly miss them as well. I won't get to see certain people c...and that reality hit me tonight as I realized that for some reason, some people have this calming effect on me. The reason I can stay cool and collected during any situations is that I think of them before I do myself. I can't last without some people's eyes, some people's smile and some people's voice. Crazy epiphany...scary epiphany.

The only regret on this Asia trip is that Roy and Justin couldn't come. Oh also that I don't have a girlfriend that did last minute checks on what I should bring with me =(. I disliked that one so much that I sabotaged the list Karen made for Leo =D.

I'll probably keep a journal for the trip and write it all up when I get back. I know you'll all miss my awesome posts =P.