Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Elections: a time for dumbasses to form an opinion.

On a typical day you look on facebook and see a bunch of status updates related to God, whining, the most random crap ever and epic posts by me. 

Near election time you see a bunch of people campaigning and typing statements about the party they support or parties they don't. Most of them akin to the intellectual level of drunk and high hicks on the 500 level during a UFC fight: "BOO SHIELDS. BOO!" Replace Shields with the name of the opposition party and now you have +-5 days from election results.

Here's the thing though...YOU SOUND LIKE A JACKASS. People, young people, aka people my age, seem to think that by having a remote political stance they are now somehow integrated into the educated stats of society. It makes them feel good while they sip on their Starbucks and read "Metro" for news.

I rarely voice my political opinions. It's because I don't think I'm well versed in politics. I state my position and why I believe so and that's it. I don't bash or scream "OMG IM MOVING OUT OF CANADA XXX WON"
because unlike half of you, I dislike sounding like a total fool. I do not hate those people that vote Liberals, NDP or Green even though I myself vote conservative. If you have good reason to vote for them because you believe in their platform, good for you. Now to those people who like to form an opinion within five days of election (don't lie I'm confident 90% of the people on my facebook do that) because of some bandwagon they jumped on...guess what I'm going to say? If you're one of those people AND you're offended you've probably guessed the right thing. 

Even those people that don't vote are better than the bandwagon riding fools. People who don't vote either: don't care, too lazy, or uneducated and realize they are uneducated in the realms of politics. + Points to those who don't care because frankly if you don't care right now it means no matter what party is elected you're barely affected by it in your current life stage. If you're uneducated but are affected by it and continue to stay uneducated...well no matter which party wins you're always going to be screwed over. Not because they screw you over but because you decide to roll in your own urine when you should get up and change something.

Aside from addressing stupidity, let's get down to the real deal of thought process of those who vote for Blue, Red, and Orange (sorry Green you're too insignificant for my heavy traffic blog of 13 readers.)

Blue: Heaviest focus on economy and the movement of cash in and out of the country.

Red: Rolling in their own urine. Seriously, their stances on everything is indifferent. Small changes and stances that are just...the same as things have always been.

Orange: Heaviest focus on the individual. AKA social focused instead of economical focused.

Now I'm not saying Blue got it all right, they don't. Let's just say Red is out (evident by results) because they decided to play it safe when Canadians needed some Obama (change. Side note - I wish our politicians were funny. Obama's got funny.) Orange is the guy that talks a lot of game and can't pull through. They make a lot of promises but where's the money coming from? Can they grow money from trees? (If you thought "...well no Kevin they can't. You're so right..." then you're an idiot. They absolutely can. It's called printing money. Do you know what happens when they print money? If you don't, stop having an opinion and stop posting political banters on facebook kthxbye.) 25% of those with opinions on facebook just got owned.  

I have no doubts all three parties are looking out for the betterment of Canada as measured by standard of living. But you do realize that politics is more than that itself right? Eco-Social implications show through political decisions. 15% of those with opinions on facebook just had an epiphany.

The question ought to be: How do we raise standard of living? Through governing economic factors or social factors? Ask yourself which one is a cause and which one is an effect on the eco-social scene. Does the economy impact the social scene or does the social scene impact the whole economy. 35% of those with an opinion on facebook never thought about this question.

Frankly I have no interest in converting you into a Conservative. All I want to do is to make you think a little more before making a decision (while offending you of course). Here's the last bit I want to leave you. Blue makes investments in the economy so that it can pick itself up and run its course. This is a form of SAVING and sewing to reap harvest later. Red just buries what is given to them and digs up the same crap later on. Orange...well Orange consumes now for instant gratification by promising increased in services supplied by increase in corporate tax rates. That's CONSUMPTION now.

What's interesting to me is that NDP got such a huge seating. What does that say about Canadians? You know how you love to bash Americans? Well you're the same breed of dumbass. Consume more than you can supply. I promise if NDP gets majority two cycles in a row and credit disaster will happen in Canada as in the states. Mark my words.

For those that HATE Blue, at least you're lucky NDP is barking at them ;). And for those that HAVE TO MOVE OUT OF CANADA...good, Canada needs less dumbasses like you anyway.