Friday, April 30, 2010


So my mom told me that her friend knows that I like Korean girls...and she wants to hook me up on like a blind date (this is getting kdrama) with a girl she works with in the lab. The girl is doing her Phd at UT...and she's my age. She must be a freaking IQ beast.

I have agreed for sole purpose of an epic reproduction possibility. Let's see where this goes.

BTW. Endless Love, one of the most epic duet of all time. Some girl sing it with me, I will give you a ring.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


A gr. 5 school teacher went up to this girl and asked her "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
The girl said "Happy."
The teacher looks at her blankly and pauses. She then tells her "No, I don't think you understood the question"
Before she could explain what she expects the answer to be the girl cut in and said
"I don't think you understand life."


Le Fin.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Please Hold On as We Connect You

Anyone ever try to quantify the quality of a relationship (familial, friends, girlfriend/boyfriend)? What makes the bond between two people strong? How can we really compare the link between two people as opposed to another?

Some relationships are bound by time, loyalty, likes and dislikes etc. But any relationship holding its weight on only ONE bond will never last. Friendships that lose its bond which eventually depend on the time bond will eventually fade away. Gf/bf relationships where only sex is the bond will eventually become meaningless. Even familial love feeding off one bond could become nothing more than an act demanded by societal norms and cultural expectations (although this by far is the hardest one to break even if it is holding on by one strand).

I think, then, each of our aim in life is to find more bonds with those that we care about. No doubt time will break some links but with effort time can create new ones as well.

I worry little about the bond between my friends and family because I think I'm good at maintaining and keeping fresh the binding agent between us. But after thinking things through I realize I'm not adequate at doing that when it comes to me being with a girl.

A lot of times I'll find myself interested in a girl because they're new and something I haven't experienced before (not sexually, assholes); then I charge head in first without really thinking "what really is the bond that's attracting me?" Many times it'll end up being just bonds that are insignificant: looks, ability to play piano, fondness of Street Fighter (I lied, the last one is UBER significant). I'm positive that I'm not the only one guilty of this. I realized that there are few girls I've truly respected in my past relationships and maybe that's why they didn't last. I think finding strong and significant bonds is the sure way of finding respect. I think mutual respect is one of the strongest bonds and one trait that can keep the "lovey dovey" feeling of relationships lasting forever.

These thoughts came up because I met a girl a while ago and had absolutely no attraction to her. As time goes by and more bonds are being built...this feeling of what I think love feels like is slowly creeping up. It's odd because this love is so stable and unemotional. But each day passes by and it becomes more and more real. I've never actually felt this way before so I'm confused to what this feeling/situation is. I'll continue to logic the living shit out of it until I get an answer. Until then, don't bother spamming me and asking me who she is ;).

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fitting Two Pieces From Two Jigsaws

John has this big ass jigsaw puzzle at his place that is the most frustrating thing in the freaking world. It's so annoying I'm still bitter till this day that I couldn't find ONE matching piece. But somehow amidst all those sides and pieces, one was meant to fit the next one beside it.

But I wonder...I really wonder if jigsaw puzzles from two DIFFERENT sets will fit each other. Now THAT's interesting. This thought lead me to thinking about relationships and the major wtf factor of it. I look around and I see these couples who are with each other and I truly think they are in fact two pieces from two different sets. Karen, possibly the most nonsensical person I know is with Leo, who used to be the human incarnation of the Tasmanian Devil (Looney Toons) shredding all across his path. Justin, grim and quiet and as much physical interaction like the "pause" sign on your dvd player, alongside Jen who's all sunshine lollipops and has to latch onto something like a fishing hook in a tree. James who's possibly the most oblivious person (punching girls in the face, kicking balls in peoples faces, smacking people in the nuts by accident, turning friendly horse play into real fights) with one of the most considerate people, Laura (Laura if you ever read this, brownie points right?)

How the hell do these things work out? Just like that damn jigsaw at Johns, it truly "puzzles" me (damn, I'm good today). It makes me wonder...these opposites or odd fitting I going to get an odd fitting piece too? I'm deep down the most nerdy person ever. I mean, I have Street Fighter and anime figurings by my bed. I like stupid nerdy jokes and cool little gadgets and gizmos. Am I going to end up with the coolest girl ever? (I mean stereotypically the girls I can't stand.) Or am I going to end up with the dumbest girl ever? (Please God no. Please) Or maybe I'll (no, really God, please don't. PLEASE!) end up with some really dull girl with no color or flare...What about Reggie? Maybe he'll end up with a girl that's REALLY considerate and not stubborn; actually, that's the only way I see it working with Reggie haha. Maybe Roy's going to end up with a girl that is the least materialistic person in the world. Maybe he'll get with like, an Amish chick.

Whatever it is, I just want to remind you odd pieces this: it's odd enough that you're together because it seems beyond all reason and logic. That in itself is already special and you should cherish things even more. Don't forget to appreciate the fact that you've found a fitting piece even when it's not part of the same puzzle. When she's looking beautiful don't forget to tell her. Walk up, look her in the eye and tell her, give her a kiss on the cheek or the forehead. Don't forget that small things matter because life isn't made up of a few big events; but more so a constant stream of little ones. Girls, doing the same for your man might be kind of weird...unless you're Laura and your boyfriend is James. He likes that stuff.

Personally though, I wouldn't take relationship advice from me. It's like a bum telling a businessman how to  make money ;).

Monday, April 12, 2010


Man, I'm 22, almost 23 and already find life tiring. Every day feels like an uphill battle crawling towards some ultimate goal that feels like an endless distance away. Few things happen to be encouraging or relaxing to keep me chugging along.

Yesterday morning though, I saw something really heart warming. A family of three were walking ahead of me as I was heading towards my car for Finance meeting. The dad was wearing a suit, mom in sun dress and kid, who was around 5-7, just in innocent kid clothes. At first I thought "oh another strict looking Korean family heading to church." The kid was giggling and running around carelessly, so innocent to strifes of life and all that other bogus that piles on with age. His father looked weary and mom looked obedient and reserved - one of those moms that wouldn't dare make a peep if her husband gave her "the EYE." The sun was blazing high at noon and suddenly the nothing special trio broke into horseplay by the child's sudden stomp over his father's shadow. He laughed so purely as he again stomped over his dad's shadow and screamed "APPA! Chaemisuh!" This father had an iron face, one of those Korean men faces that bears no emotion with wrinkles hardened by experiences in life. I thought he was going to ignore the kid and keep walking. Dude was serious, dude was in a suit.

I keep observing and suddenly the father breaks out into a squat and hands up imitating claws. His child looked back at him, frozen by surprise....slowly as the sun would climb over those grey covering clouds, with eyes curled like a crescent moon, cheeks overflowing with flesh, the kid broke out in a happy laughter. The father started stomping around imitating a monster and they played together so innocently and lovingly. The mother slowed down her pace and watched with a satisfying smile. It was picture perfect and so endearing.

I didn't even know it, but I was stunned and stationary. I found myself smiling stupidly as I looked on at that happy family. They saw me smiling at their child, acknowledged me and went on their way. To was something revealing. It's sad on one end...I mean, I can't even say I miss that because I've never experienced that as a child to begin with. But the encouraging part is that I vow to not rob my kids of that when they're here. My goal will be a winding path difficult to follow; but, I have full faith in God and my family that they'll keep me chugging along. It's my job to make their walk with me a memorable and enjoyable one. This is a responsibility I'll willingly take on.

What man can conquer the world if he can't even conquer his own family?

Monday, April 5, 2010

It was all a Dream

I had the oddest dream last night that had no logic. Follow my rabbit hole of a mind if you care/dare.

I was with Khang doing experiments on dogs (that looked like Maggie - Roy's dog). We were able to harness their ability to do physical labor and expand that by 1000% with this little strap thing we put on them (think Ironman fuel source heart thingy). So these dogs essentially became the most efficient workers- of-all-time. The thing is though, when we activate this power, the dogs turn into drones (Starcraft II Zerg miners that get minerals). The dogs are in pain when they are in drone form and are ugly as hell. So, obviously, being the kind hearted man that I am, I go against this scientific breakthrough of the century and possibly -of-all-time. Khang thinks otherwise and I demand him to stop. He wouldn't, he'd just smirk at me with these eyes that pissed me off.

I got SO angry I stormed out. I couldn't believe my business partner and someone so close to me would be so evil and heartless. I despised his ways and him. I ran back to our condo (we're room mates too in this dream...oh yea, our condo is like penthouse sick too) and was fuming on the couch (sick ass Italian leather sofa with some serious designer taste). He comes back and I yell at him and scold him at his heartless ways. "I QUIT, SULU IS DONE!" I dissolve the company. He looks lost to as why I'm so mad still.

Suddenly, our door busts open and Leo and Roy are here. Khang and I hold off our argument and the three of them go on to play some sort of video game on our 50 inch tv. I felt sad and angry so I turn around only to find a girl beside me. She takes my head and rests it in her lap. The moment I felt contact with her all the anger, pain and weariness inside me just dissipated. It was so relieving, relaxing, and revealing. I was at peace...didn't have a care for anything in the world but being close to her.

As sweet and corny as that sounds, suddenly my eyes caught focus of her chest. Her boobs were MASSIVE, like D cups (in real life, she does not have D cups...1/10,000 Korean girls have it...of that statistic 0.5 is a fake D. So 1/20,000 is real). I don't like anything past C cup so I was kind of disgusted. But at the same time I thought "Meh, what the hell?" So I dug my face into them like you would a pillow and continued my feeling of peacefulness. I looked up at her as I was digging and she smiled at me in the faintest way. I was happy for a moment and then I realized it was all a dream.

****Isn't it a weird dream? I can pin point why I had this dream and match up the sequences to reasons in real life. All the people in my dream are real too (minus the Zerg drone...maybe it is real though. Hyundai workers are actually Zergs). I also predict 8 messages asking me "So...Who's the girl??"