Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trading Notes; God in Music; Life in Harmony

My brain is fried from learning. I came in the office and studied harmony trading for 2 hrs and 9 minutes. For someone like me that's similar to 35 years in solitary confinement.

Interestingly enough, harmony trading depends in harmonic movements in the market...while I learn or trade, I listen to classical piano pieces. Music needs harmony to sound beautiful and markets need harmony to move up and down. People want harmony in life because that usually leads them to believe it's stable and peaceful. People misunderstand harmony for tranquility.

There's too much chaos in the markets and maybe in our lives. That's probably what everyone feels. But if I had to think what harmony meant to me...I'd say it was order in chaos; not that the chaos is gone but it makes the chaos ok - maybe even likable.

Harmony itself is up and down, the vertical aspect of music (don't rip on me Julie...Julie's def thinking "Kevin's attempt to sound smart = fail.) Markets are the same and so life in harmony is that too. But the thing with harmony is that it sounds damn good. People that can identify harmony and music understand it and appreciate it on a deeper level than those of us who think it's just sounds. Market gurus that identify harmonic movements can foresee price movements earlier than most of us can dream of. For people that claim they want harmony in life...well those people usually avoid conflict and emotions because they think living in harmony means steady flat and no ups and downs.

Life in harmony, with it's ups and downs, is a beautiful thing. It's being able to identify those ups and downs that bring us tranquility - the peace of mind when things spin out of control. We hold on to the ups and ride down the drops knowing that soon a reversal could happen and when it does it's ok. A life that's constantly up isn't harmony. Even if it did exist where would you learn to appreciate? A life that's always down isn't harmony is either. You wouldn't know what pain is because you don't know what happiness is either. Life with out harmony doesn't ever exist because we'd be unable to comprehend feelings. God never made us that way.

Today while learning the markets I've realized that Godlike investors like Buffet are in tune with the ups and downs...great composers and musicians know where to place which note to make beautiful and heartfelt pieces...and God composed our lives like an elaborate score...the earth His sheet, time as measures and we are the notes.

Have faith and find where you're supposed to be so His song is a magnificent one =).

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Curse of Love

Plenty a time we try our best to show people love. Even if they're strangers we love them as best as we can because that's what we're called to do. Strangers, seeing the effort, will try to love the person back as best as they know how.

Here's the thing...sometimes it's just not beneficial to either parties.

Sylvia and Heidi's mom is the bomb diggity. I can see love in her eyes when she smiles and it warms my heart to see a big ass bible on the table kitchen because I know she's been reading that whenever she's not cooking for us. Her food is AMAZING. I absolutely love Korean food and her food. I could eat it forever and ever. But I have a goal in mind and my diet outside of social settings is extremely strict. I always keep myself disciplined because that's how I roll. Before she came I would eat the same thing every-single-meal. X amount of protein, x amount of carbs and x amount of fat: these are broken further down into specific proteins, carbs and fat. I make myself a living experiment.

Momma Kim throws a wrench in my plan with her love. Most people wouldn't complain getting breakfast in a tray at 8 AM every morning and lunch packed on the side. Kevin Sun's not most people. Kevin Sun gots-ta complain.

She destroys my strict diet. For the foreseeable week (it's already been a week, almost) I am stuck eating delicious things that I don't want to eat. I can't refute it because it's rude. I can't cook my own food because she'll be thinking "Am I not feeding him enough?" Also, no normal person eats as much protein as me. I eat a freaking chicken as a snack. Hence I get served normal people portion protein. That kind of treatment for a man that ate a 72 ounce steak in 30 minutes is akin to abuse.

Such a dilemma and ironic situation no? She's loving me beyond what she needs to do out of the goodness of her heart and I appreciate it more than I know how to express. It's totally awesome and I hope every person on earth emulates momma Kim's nature. I try my best to show her how much I love it by straying off my path and goal to show appreciation. In the end, she does a crapload of more work and I do 50 extra pushups and jumping squats before meals. Love sure is a lot of work, sometimes unnecessary work.

But I guess because there is love, any extra work makes it seem alright.