Tuesday, January 15, 2013

He is not hiding; We are not seeking.

He is not hiding; We are not seeking: 1 John 4:7 
Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God


A while ago Pastor Darrick preached and used "Where's Waldo" as an anecdote to our relationship with God. I decided to read and play the actual book because I remembered as a kid how frustrating it was. Quickly I realized nothing's really changed as I struggle to find Waldo's signature hat, glasses and sweaterAfter a bit of reflection I've come to realize that God is indeed similar to Waldo and is elusive to us in many ways. However, as with anything in life, we can approach a problem aimlessly or do so in a strategic manner.

For so many churches and pastors stress and focus our need to find God that it becomes almost a command without instructions. We stare into the pages of life stressing to find God. Unlike Waldo God is not hiding from us. That is never God's purpose for He is simply amongst us. Like Waldo, when we seek God we look for His signature miracles, healing, and answer to prayers. I dare assume that when we read Where's Waldo, not many of us ever paid attention to all the colorful and entertaining characters other than him that the author created. We are so tunnel visioned by Waldo because humans are creatures that need to feel accomplished and fulfilled. Our objective driven minds didn't stop to enjoy the rest of the book...we just want results - right now.

The ironic part of it all is when we stop to appreciate all of the other characters and the entertaining things they're doing we are guaranteed to find Waldo.  If we approach finding Waldo in such manner we might be pleasantly surprised by how much more enjoyable the book really is. I started to stop looking for Waldo all together. Yes, it took me longer to find him on some pages I must admit. But I was never frustrated nor ever thought of giving up. In the journey of finding Waldo I've chuckled and laughed through looking into the lives of all the other characters.

It's funny how sometimes we think just because we are focused on finding God that we will find Him. God planned our lives and placed Himself in it along with everyone else that's in our lives. The people we meet, things we experience and emotions we go through were never meant hide Him. Its intent was for us to grow, learn and enjoy. If we unfocus our compulsion for direct results and simply love and appreciate all the people and situations God had authored...well, we just may find Him yet.