Friday, November 4, 2011

The Elusive G-Spot

Since the beginning of time men and women have been puzzled and enraged by this odd phenomenon deemed the G-spot. Now some of you holier than thou Christians would probably stop reading right here and have a disgusted face. Have faith for this will benefit all of humanity for God surely made it because it is good.

Now this G spot isn't something you can google and get an answer to; nor can you confidently ask your pastor (because chances are it eluded them too); and OBVIOUSLY not your parents. Over centuries, people have slain each other over it...relationships have ended because of it and I'm certain many have found it but some how forgot to share it. I'm talking about the God Spot (in case you were wondering the women's g spot is simply located on the front vaginal wall between 11-1 o clock depending).

What is this God Spot I'm talking about? It is the spot which we can touch upon as humans and make the most positive impact. Raise your hands up if you see my analogy. People have gone on christian crusades and tried to hit the G spot, extremes do bombings for Allah (A-bomb?) and we still work our asses off to a good end. But really, I have to ask if that's truly satisfying to us and to God.

To paint this in more common terms: it's like when you're craving something and you eat a buffet to not hit the spot. You probably just needed one single bite of cheesecake. It's like when you read pages and pages of explanation for a concept and only needed the formula . And probably a lot of people will do a lot of things out of love for their loved ones only to find them unsatisfied. All they needed to do was one thing; they did a thousand and a thousand were worthless. That's not hitting the G Spot. All actions were little to no impact regardless of intent. The secret to finding the G Spot is to align intent with impact, consciously. 

It's not always the complex things that have the most impact but most of us think it is. I can look at the most elaborate presentation and watch a commercial for charities and it won't impact me. But seeing a hidden camera shoot 2 minutes of a little Indian girl sleeping on the streets will break my heart. Going on a family vacation and dropping a large sum of money won't remind me my parents love me. Seeing my mother cry when I share my joys with her does. Crying takes 2 seconds. Vacation takes weeks. I might remember the vacation but I wouldn't forget love.

We were made in God's image and but somehow few of us really think about His wisdom. When we imitate Jesus we make it a thing to be holy but we forgot the impact. Sometimes being unholy is the necessary evil as long as intent lines up. Jesus did many things. Jesus did things that took one second; Jesus did things that took years. Whatever he did though, it had and has IMPACT. We forget that salt has impact, we think it has "flavor." We forget light has impact, we think it has uses.

Don't do things easy or difficult to massage your ego or to convince yourself you're worthy of God's love. You're not and won't ever be. Grace makes you worthy alone. So instead focus on what you can accomplish - acting for impact. People who act without thinking of impact cannot be condemned because few ever think this way. But if wisdom calls you on the street and she's hugging tightly onto you, don't deny her. Now that I've shared my views, think about it. If it makes sense to you then live it and be impactful. You can do many "holy" things and say you're like Christ. Good for you. But if you're not int he slight bit intending to maximize your impact then I think you missed out on one of the most prominent qualities of Jesus.

Some blog posts are short and succinct and this one's longer than most expect. But no matter the length of time it takes I'll always try to hit the G Spot. Hopefully those on the receiving end agree.

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