Friday, December 7, 2012

Word.S.unpoken for a Long Time

Stop Moving: Romans 9:20 
But who are you, O man, to answer back to God? Will what is molded say to its molder, “Why have you made me like this?”


Don't we all question our self worth? All of us worry to some extent what other people think of us. Whether we want to admit it or not, if we have the courage to dig deep and admit this truth then we can also admit that somewhere along the line our opinions of our own self worth is intertwined with opinions from society. We strive and operate to be deemed not only socially acceptable but socially revered. Because at the end of the day we enjoy praise, just as God as we're made in His image.

But what happens when we fail? We destroy our self worth as social opinions weigh down on us. We subconsciously accept that our self worth is a function of our own opinions and the opinions of others. Somewhere along there we exclude God; because really, who hears God cheering them on every day?

But where is our faith? We are His canvas and he paints us. To any true artist, their work, no matter how socially accepted, is beauty in their own eyes. It's worth isn't monetary but in every bit of their journey and their experience. Every art piece is different. God does not make strokes or dashes without full confidence. God does not smear and botch details or shades. But we, the canvas, cannot sit still and accept God's work. We move and fidget and WANT God to paint the end product WE envision. We want to be revered as much as the Mona Lisa or be as hilarious as the Ecce Homo. But who are we to have the audacity to ask that for that? Should we not be grateful that a painter is pouring His life into us with joy?

Because we move and fidget and God brushes with decisive strokes we ourselves smudge the vision that God has for us. Correcting a mistake on a painting is hard work. He will do it. Shading is abrasive to the canvas and tiring to the painter. He will do it. Painting details require patience and care. He will do it.
The most difficult parts of painting is what makes it beautiful and timeless. It is also memory and experience shared between the art piece and the artist. From the moment our life begins to the moment it's finished, it is God's painting and his masterpiece to show. Whether other people hold any value to it is irrelevant to Him and we mustn't forget that.

Daily Challenge:
Sit still and let God paint. Hang on as the shading shreds the canvas. Pause and absorb the vision of God.

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